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Whether your business is a start-up or one with an established history, it will inevitably experiences challenges in each stage of its development. It’s a common misconception that companies need to be well established before they make an investment in hiring a Chief Financial Officer. And yet considering the value they can bring to a small business that’s trying to get to the next level, or a company that may need to turn itself around into profitability, the question really becomes how can a business afford not to have one?   


Our solution bridges affordability and expertise.  We can provide ongoing support one, two or more days per week, or as little as a few hours when needed, perform on-demand work for specific projects or anything in-between.


Our CFOs have spent their careers "in the trenches", solving a myriad of issues in their paths.  Our expertise expertise ranges from strategic planning and financial oversight to financing, systems design, planning of incentives and representation.

In addition, we don't just focus on the financial aspects of your business. We will look behind the covers of your departments, talk with your employees and get to the root of the problem. Although many paths lead to finance, they may not start there. 

As part of our solution we will perform an assessment of your business, provide you with a fresh, “cold-eye” perspective, recommend a course of action, and most importantly, be with you every step of the way. 


  • On-time financials and analysis

  • Profit analysis and maximization

  • Cash flow management and projections

  • ROI analysis

  • Credit Policies and procedures

  • Financial performance planning

  • Management of bank requirements

  • In-depth costs evaluations

  • Accounting personnel training

  • and development


  • Organizational restructuring

  • Value maximization planning

  • Business plan development

  • Exit planning

  • Short and long term budgets

  • Pricing strategies

  • Staff and transition planning

  • Rolling forecasts

  • Compensation and benefits planning


  • Serve as company's CFO to the outside world

  • Presentations to Board, Banks and Investors

  • Preparation of external audits

  • Contract negotiations

  • Management of banking relationships

  • Vendor evaluations and selection

  • Obtaining lines of credit

  • Deal structures and negotiations

Let's talk about the best CFO solutions for your business.

Take a first step. Let's talk. Contact us today to discuss your business goals, and together we will start on a path to help you achieve them.

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